About Us

October 7th, 2023

This year's event is FREE thanks to Urban Engaged HTX and to Urban Healing HTX, NPO!

Chalk Crawl

Chalk Crawl is a group of Houston area chalk artists collaborating and co-opping to produce a chalk art experience for all people. It is a showcase of Houston area artists where event goers get to watch live chalk artists perform and experience one-on-one interaction with the artists. Chalk Crawl seeks to entertain the public by challenging them to a scavenger hunt. For the 3rd Annual Chalk Crawl, the scavenger hunt will showcase the history of the Louis and Elnora White building at the 3rd annual I Love the Nickel Block Party! This is a family and pet friendly event and all are welcome! 

To contact us, e-mail info@chalkcrawl.com 


Associate Producer


Associate Producer


Associate Producer

Meet artist & producer Corella Fairchild Pierson.

Corie was a Houston Via Colori artist for 5 years and met her husband at the event. She is currently a regular chalk art performer for #MidtownHOU's monthly Chalk on the Block and for the annual Kerrville Chalk Festival. Corie is also the lead producer and a co-founder of Chalk Crawl. Check out her full bio here. 

Meet artist Shawn Artis. 

Shawn was a Houston Via Colori artist for many years and appeared on Great Day Houston to promote the event. He is the original Chalk on the Block artist for Midtown, Houston. He is the owner of the Shawn Artis Gallery and is a co-founder of Chalk Crawl. Check out his full bio here.