Ariel Urgena

Ariel Urgena

Ariel is a truck driver for Schneider National. Yes, he moves America!

He grew up in Chicago, Illinois where he enjoyed making his art ever since grade school. He has used many mediums including watercolor, oil paint, acrylic paint, conte crayon, charcoal and pencil drawing. The latter is his favorite. Ariel took some beginners art classes in Jr. college where he learned many techniques that he uses today.

Ariel has worked in a tattoo studio for 6 years and has been inking since 2000. He only does past client these days but has been known to take on new clients. Most of his tattoo work is custom.

Ariel has never done Chalk Art and is grateful for the opportunity to point his creating outlet in another direction. He believes we all have a God given gift to create and through the use of this gift we all will create genuine happiness and inner peace for ourselves.

Ariel wishes us all to continue to be inspired…..